danke. thank you. terima kasih. Merci. gracias.

traurig. sorry. maaf. désolé. triste

thank you. for the happiness that you gave. great & sweet memories that we've done for a long journey. a year one month. which I never expect we could through the relationship so long. honestly, I really am surprised. yep. it was a long journey. a year. for a young teenage boy and girl like us. thank you for everything you gave to me. gifts, memories, loves, charities & more.

I am sorry. sorry for the egoistic of mine. bossy. clumsy and maybe too ignorance for you. I'm sorry if I couldn't spill my words clearly if I had problems, which made us argued sometimes. sorry. for not being so caring like other girls do to their boyf. too shy in surrounding of yours. easy to getting bored. too much asked for this and that. or maybe....... just what you always said to me, ngambekan.  
most of all I am sorry if I make you sad, disappointed, mad or else. not become a girlf which you wanna be. this is just me, I've changed by myself. not by you. sorry if you don't like my new personalities. you've to know, everybody's change. we are grow up. and I have changed.......

& I'm sorry I can't give you for something what you wish for. a chance.. I gave you a lot already. It's enough for me :}

we already have much time

I just wish you can accept this situation, it's hurt I know. but I think this is the best for us. I think. but, I don't know bout yours.

And... I hope you can grow up and think like a gentleman. a gentleman. you can forget bout us. we're become a nice friend. you'll meet the best one :}

well, merci beaucoup acong :)
au revoir.


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