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last night my mood turned up like this:

sad and depressed

someone just steal my happiness away. & what did I do to get it back?

1.) I sit in a corner place with nobody else with,crying. or scream with pillow/bolster close my mouth so no one can't hear my voice. sometimes these will heal some of my pain.
2.) be a silent person. and think what happened.
3.) search some snacks to eat :p
4.) watching comedy tv shows
5.) do your HOMEWORK
6.) no twittering or updating my mood into social network, because it'll get worst. (true btw)
7.) being alone for some moments, and
8.) text my best friend and tell what happened or maybe just not! share funny stories between us, somehow it is really fun!

and last night I did the number two and five hehehe :p
what about you? what did you do when you're getting upset? maybe you can try mine :}

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