The Sixth

Hello June!
Probably unbelievable, It has been six months since we celebrated 2012 New Year party.
and maybe you guys remember, on January people always said.. 'page 1 of 2012' , 'page 2 of 2012' and bla bla, believe it or not we already in half way to finish the book! I don't know in which pages we are but we are already in the half way to end it :)

Yeah, maybe it's the first time for me to making the new-month-wishes 
like many teenagers did in social network :)) I choose June because.. I love June! I was born in June and many happy memories in this month <3

Let spell the magic words, I wish...
  1. be much much muuuuch better than months before
  2. succeed the final exam and get the medical major for my 11th grade
  3. passing my second semester report card with great score
  4. more patient and wiser in every way I solve my problem
  5. not become a horrible person to my friends 
.....and and aaand, many more,

but the most important is, 
I wish the boys #SmalaFightChampion will becoming 
the Champion of Development Basketball League 2012, amen o:) ({})

Smala Fight? Champion!

ps. sorry for the bad grammar, still learning :)

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