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If you read this, I just want you to know.
You made me sad, disappointed and mad...
But despite all of those things, I still & always like you very much.
Don't u remember your promised to me?
I do really hope u remember.

Anyway, I still kept our conversations :)
And sometimes I just want to print out all those messages and throw it all on your face.
To make u know what was happen between us was real. to make you remember, our talks were wonderful.

I just pray the best for you,
Always reach your dream, never give up!
Sometimes I wish we could go back like we used to be, but..
I can't force my own and (especially) your feeling rite?

But despite of those things, me still like you so much.
You are such a NICE guy and best friend for me <3

kata temen-temen sih, kalau jodoh balik kok, lol
It's kinda feisty thing to talk about that on my age, just let time be the answer.


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