halo, ngga tau mau mulai dari mana but I would like to talk about my day, some of my days.
lately I've been inconstantly ill. caught flu, headache, stomach-cramp, cough and fever. I don't know what happened to my body since it becomes so weak. But my doctor said that I've been to tired and ignoring my health. Last week was my most suffering week ever. since I've got basketball practice frequently and my health didn't go well, it felt like heeeeell for me. flu and DBL getting closer is not a good combination... from now on I should put more efforts to my health... promise.

yesterday i had my basketball practice and it went bad. my mood was sooooo bad, i would love to kill someone. i just kept my mouth shut & just practiced quietly. i couldn't figure it out what is happening to me, the one that always quiet and tame, it was not kind of me. After practiced i went to the bathroom and i knew then, i've got my period... so that was the reason why my mood become so bad and unstable. or you can called it PMS pre-menstruation-syndrome, that moment when you got your mood swinging ups and downs like a roller coaster~

and right now, I'm struggling to this stomach-cramp and headache while hugging my pillow huhu it feels really bad and i have to go to school tomorrow, such a nightmare:{

get well soon dear self and get well soon to people out there who's also in pain like me hehe

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