Third Chance

What if, it does actually happen. Will I give you the third chance?
Honestly, my heart will say yes but my brain will say no. 

Tergalau 2015 banget nih? 
Nggak sih tapi dikala pikiran kosong, your face suddenly burst into my brain. 
Our memories start echoing inside my head, your sweet words, your sweet acts crumble into one big junk that aching my heart. 

Heran juga. 
Dikala aku bisa ngasih kesempatan ke orang lain, I closed the door. Bukanya cuma ke satu orang aja. 
Karena jujur saja, dibalik semua kejelekan kamu, semua hal yang membuat aku sakit hati. I didn't even see that. I only see the good ones. 

Love is blind? Well I think it is really describe how I feel about you. 
Love does blind. 
And still, I write the word love in present tense. 

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