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My Lovey Dovey / 23.08.2015 

This photo was taken couple days ago when me and my family were having a big lunch with some relatives and closest friends. And guess who I brought! Yes, those five precious friends, my elementary friend until now, although two of them didn't come but I was thrilled, especially when that guy beside me, Angga, came! We were taking lot of selfies of course and photos, having good talks about life and remember those silly memories happened between us. I am blessed to have them in my life.
Can you see my outfit in that photo. Yes, I wore that big hijab or you can called khimar. Khimar are famously called as hijab syar'i nowadays, and yesterday my family's dresscode was wearing khimar, my mother asked me to wear that. It felt very comfortable and I thougt I could fly with it because it is so loose and big. My friend said that I'm becoming a true muslimah and looked prettier wearing khimar. Ameen to that! Maybe in a mean time I will try to cover my body more by using bigger hijab than my usual one. Just pray and support me to have that commitment hehehe... cause I want to be a better muslim, and covering my body more is one of many ways. And dear my muslim friends, let start from now to cover your body more, little by little; wearing socks wherever you go out, wearing loose skirt and loose clothes are some of them. I already practiced those things, and not as bad and ancient as you think!
ps. you can still be fashionable just be smart to mix n match your outfit #spreadthelove #letsbeabettermuslim ;)

Cousins / took about 1 month ago
Those pictures were taken when I was in Jakarta.
The right picture was taken at day 2 Lebaran, we were heading to Purwakarta to visit my Grandma's grave. the boy wearing hat beside me is my cousin, Ananda Haman. He is one bright little young man. Lately, he has been accepted in one of favorite senior high school at Bekasi. I am a proud sister. You can check his feed : @anandahaman :)
Anyway, do you know there is a famous and legendary warung sate at Purwakarta? It is one and only, Sate Maranggi. They served delicious beef and goat satai [not chicken] with spicy peanut sous. Their authentic beverages is es kelapa muda, they served it in a big stainless glass and they also served plain tea, we don't need to pay the tea because it is free. After we were visiting our Grandma's we took lunch at there. And it was very crowded, lot of families having lunch too. But, it all worth it because it is my family tradition at Eid Fitr to visit this place.

The left picture is a picture me and my cousin too, Ardi, he is Nanda's brother. It was taken when we were having a family outing to Grand Indonesia and watched Ant Man. As you can see, he is tall and handsome! No wonder he has many ex girlfriends. He is a notable bike rider, his father, my uncle is a rider, I think his talent fall to this boy. His specialty is riding in downhill race. I've been watched his father's race and it's awesome and dangerous also. You can check his feed @ardiansyahwilhn :)

Birthday Surprise / 25.06.2015

This picture shows one of my favorite moment in 2015. Kemal and Dion or you know him as Jimbon, gave me a hilarious and funny yet almost failed surprise! It will be too long to tell the stories here so I want to express my gratitude here.
At that moment I couldn't imagine that they would go through those difficulties to prepare a birthday surprise for me --- since my schedule on that day was crazily full and hectic,
I thanked you guys for the surprise and of course the 'cake'.
Can you guess what kind of cake they brought? No, it wasn't a cake. It was a MELON. PIECES OF CUTTED-MELON WRAPPED IN A PLASTIC WRAP. Where you can find it at supermarket, namely SUPERINDO! I knew it, since the pricetag still stuck on the plastic wrap. They said that since I'm studying as Nutritionist, I need to eat healthy food instead of cake, yeah yeah yeaah.
They are very sweet. I am out of words whenever I'll try to remember that moments. I just can't thanked them enough for everything. For being my good friends, my listeners, my pain in the a$$, my shoulder, my laugh supplier, my not-so-wise-advisory, my every-time-I-need-you-you-always-there kind of friend, and blabla endless list. Don't try to be extraordinary just being you is enough for me. Thank you!

Those are some precious moments in my life. What about yours?
Don't hesitate to take pictures your daily life. It maybe nothing for us but it is something for you. Keep in your mind that memories are never meant to be forgotten but to be remember, to be a lesson for the next journey.
Cherish every moment you have with your friends and families. Keep taking pictures! xx 

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