Two Weeks in Netherlands

Goededag, hoe gaat het met jou?

Recently I've been living in Netherland at Eindhoven for about 2 - 3 weeks. I will be back home in July 2017. I will be here for about 5 - 6 months. Many people asked me what am I doing in here, is it for short vacation, conference, moving out? No, I'm pursuing my study right now. I applied scholarship to my university. Went into some phases; interview, and stuff, and thankfully I've been accepted. I will tell you later about how I got my scholarship and etc. But now, I will tell you what was happening since two weeks I lived in here, the culture, the people, and everything. Because it is really great to experience something new especially when it's become my first journey going to Europe all by myself in such long period!

1. Eindhoven is a small - fascinating city
Maybe not many people know that there's a city called Eindhoven in Netherlands. Located in North Brabant, South Netherlands, about 2 hours from Amsterdam by train. Really really close to Belgium and Germany, it will only take 2 - 3 hours from Eindhoven to Brussels by train! Really close 😭 This city is not big and loud like Amsterdam, it's quite and warm. People are very nice. They even always say hi to you whenever you pass by. At the street, supermarket, city hall, school and everywhere! That is why I love being here. Oh and this city is famous for their Philips building. Because yep, Philips factory originally from Eindhoven.

Left to right: Philips building, Some kind of gravity,
Me and Jihyun infront of centre church and City Centre

2. Everyone is riding a bike
Everyone in here, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Italians, France people; like everyone rides a bike. Bike become must-have thing once you get here. It's not really expensive. You can buy the new one or second one. I bought my bike last week for only 26 euros and it is really nice! I bought mine from this site

You have to be extra careful with your bike. Banyak maling sepeda! nggak cuma di Indonesia aja kok. Once you buy a bike, you need to buy extra lock and chains to secure your bike. Biasannya satu rantai sepeda nggak cukup jadi harus beli ekstra. It will cost around 5 - 20 euros, depends on what you need. I bought mine for 7.50 euros. (tapi nggak pernah dipake males soalnya hahaha)

Left to right: My bike & The parking bike
As I said, everyone in here ride a bike so in every corner of street there is always bike's parking area but many people just put their bike on the side of street, put it aside on the wall, even a tree, like every empty space you see you can just put your bike there and lock it. Tapi ya gitu, resiko ilang nya makin gede. Parkir di depan rumah aja ilang, apalagi yang ga secure. Tapi depends lucky nggak nya kamu juga sih.

And there is this phrase said that: you are really a Dutch if you can ride a bike without your hand!
So when you ride your bike and you see people on their right hand holding cellphone while the left one holding a bag, it is normal! very common in here. And I would love to do that sometimes if I already mastering this riding things #lol

3. There is always a bike lane in every road 
Since everyone rides a bike there's always bike lane on the road. The road painted with red paint so you'll know where's your lane instead of biking in car's area. Lot of bike facilitates, so yeaah everything is easy with bike.

4. Mostly transactions are done by card
In here everything seems so efficient and fast. So, mostly when you buy something even at te traditional market it can be done by using credit card / debit card. Every store always have those card scanner things, so don't worry if you're not bring your cash you can always use card. Fyi, people in here tend to choose card rather than cash.. it's matter of safety issues. Because when you bring too much cash I think it will higher the risk you'll get shoplifted.

Seringnya cuma bawa koin atau uang kertas yang nominal nya nggak terlalu besar.
5. They always ask for your receipt and pays extra for shopping bag
Every time in every store, the cashier will always ask you "do you want your receipt?"
I don't know why, but they alwaaays ask that. For me, I always say yes.
Oh ya receipt means bon ya, yang biasanya kalo kita abis belanja di superindo terus dapet bon.

And when you shop in here, you need to bring your own shopping bag. Because you won't get your shopping bag freely, you need to pay extra... it'll cost around 10 cent or more depends on the bag size. Even when I shopped at H&M, I need to paid extra for the bag hahaha. But it's rellay good as a way to reduce plastic bag usage. And I think, Indonesia definately need to use this system.

6. Easy and neat public transportation 
They use bus and train as public transportation. But people choose to use bike because it's cheaper! Well, bus is cheap too, but people use bus when they need to travel a lil bit farther. And for the train, ah, sangat efisien dan ringkes bin nggak ribet. Cara beli tiketnya juga gampang. Bahkan ada aplikasinya, disitu kita bisa liat jadwal keberangkatan, jalur kereta dsb. You can search on playstore: 9292 atau NS Reistplanner. Super easy dan memudahkan sekali. And yes, it is very neat rather than public transportation in Indonesia ((sorry)).

OV - Chipkaart: kartu saldo untuk naik bis, trem, dan kereta.
Tinggal check in dan check out di tiang scannernya kalau mau naik.

Fyi, khusus untuk Dutch student they can travel using train, GRATIS. Jadi nggak heran, kalau banyak murid dari kota lain selain dari Eindhoven yang travel naik kereta buat sekolah ke sini. Karena rata - rata cuma butuh 5 - 45 menit perjalanan tergantung seberapa jauh jaraknya. But, they can only use it for weekdays only.

7. Closed at 5.00 pm 
Different from Indonesia, most of stores in Netherlands closed at 5.00 pm.
Soo it's kinda boring when you want to have fun in the night and there's no single store open. There's no 24 hours store open, there's no store kinda like alfamart, indomaret, KFC or MC Donalds which open for 24 hours. The latest store closed at 10 pm beside pub or night club they stay open until 4 am.
Amsterdam, around 8 am
8. Love to party 
It is kinda related with poin 7, maybe because there's no other store open above 5... people in here love to party. They start party around 9 - 10 o'clock and then go to Stratum, which is in city centre, full of pub, discotic and others night club, to hang out. They use the party as a way to know people.. when you attend a party you will know lot of new people and then, boom! you've got a new friend. as easy as that.

Party disini nggak separah yang kalian bayangin kok, bukan yang hura - hura kaya di Indonesia tapi malah lebih santai. Biasanya kumpul di flat salah satu anak yang ngadain party, dan kita bawa boost kita sendiri. Datang kemudian have fun entah itu minum, ngobrol, dance, atau nge game dan hal - hal random yang dilakuin sama - sama. Baru kalo udah jam 11 / 12 malem mereka pergi ke Stratum.

What's next? Well it's the same, they still partying but in different place. Get it? so they party in two phases. What makes it funny is, although they are already well-dressed they still need to ride a bike to the city centre.

9. Dutch foods; TOO MUCH SWEET
They love sweet food!! I probably tend to have diabetes if I keep eating Dutch foods and drinks. First time I came here, I tried their chococalte milk and it was SUUUPER SWEET ((for someone who doesn't like sweet that much)). Kebanyakan snack disini rasa nya manis - manis, kayak biskuit atau cakenya gitu. One of famous snack in Dutch is stroopwaffel. Stroopwafel itu semacam wafel kering terus ditengahnya dikasih semacam maple syrup atau caramel yang (lagi - lagi) manis banget. Tapi ini bakal enak banget kalo dimakan fresh hangat-hangat + coffee! Standard manis Dutch people dan Indonesian people beda kali ya πŸ˜… tapi kembali lagi ke selera ya.

Chocolate milk & stroopwafel, from school's vending machine
10. They love coffee!
This is what I love!
Sebagai pecinta kopi saya bersyukur sekolah disini karena there are lot of not to pricey cafe which sell good coffee. And mostly, there is always FREE coffee machine in public service building like bank, school, and etc. So you can have your coffee as much as you want without worrying your money! (#tips mahasiswa)

Some of cafes that I visited already. Those pancakes are the best! The chocolate cake too, the coffee too.  

11. No need big wallet, all you need is card-wallet 
This one is true. I brought my usual wallet from Indonesia which is a big wallet (the long one kind of model)... and it kinda not suited in here because as I said before, transactions mostly are done by card. Agak ribet kalo bawa dompet terlalu besar jadinya malah takut kemalingan. Alhasil, disini beli dompet kecil yang banyak slot kartunya. Karena memang disini kita dapet banyak banget kartu. Bukan cuma kartu debit / cc tapi kayak kartu KTP / KTM, surat ijin tinggal, schengen, kartu asuransi dll yang harus kita bawa sehari-hari.

Kenapa dapet banyak kartu? Kembali lagi, disini karna super efisien dan cepet, jadi serba-serba pake kartu. Contoh, buang sampah aja pake kartu tanda pengenal untuk buka tong sampahnya. Naik kereta, tinggal scan kartu kereta dan masih banyak lagi kemudahan lainnya.
(left to right)
Dompet saya, Beberapa kartu penting disini (atm, ktm, schengen, and etc)

There are still many interesting things about Netherlands that I would love to share but those are some parts that I knew the first time I came here as long as I remember. πŸ˜Š So, beberapa post ke depan akan berisikan cerita-ceritaku disini. I want to keep this journey, so yup I'm gonna write it down. Enjoy!


Hai all, post ini sebenernya sudah ditulis dan selesai dari bulan lalu ya kira - kira dari 3 minggu kedatanganku di Belanda, makanya judulnya masih 'Two Weeks in Netherlands'. Berhubung rasa malas, kuliah, dan keperluan lainnya post ini terhambat untuk dipost hahaha. Dan maaf juga, bahasa nya campur - campur antara Inggris dan Indonesia, next post akan lebih jelas lagi pakai bahasa apa biar enak dibaca.

Hi all, acturally I already write and finish this post since months ago... around three weeks after my arrival in Netherland, so that's why the title remain 'Two Weeks in Netherlands'. Due to my laziness, school, and other stuff I don't have any chance to post this. And I am sorry for the mixed-languange writing style. On my next post, I will write in a one language style instead of mixing it up hahaha. To make it more convenience to read. 

Ini ceritaku, versiku, dan apa yang aku rasakan. So kalau kalian yang sudah pernah go abroad dan merasakan hal yang sama atau pun beda, I would love to hear your stories!

This is my story, my version, and what I experienced. So, if you guys who has been traveled or go abroad and feeling the same or maybe different... I would love to hear your stories!

Have a good day!

(the one who nervous because exam is a week ahead! wish me luck)


  1. Great blog, I really liked reading it :-)
    Tessa Peters, Fontys UAS

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    1. wah thank you bgt pop! semoga nanti bisa kesini😊


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